About Us

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Guasaca was born out of the belief that it is possible to offer food that is delicious, affordable, fresh, and healthy, all at the same time. Likewise, we also believe that during this process, we should be able to empower in different ways, each one of the individuals who make this experience possible every day.
We based our food on Venezuelan cuisine, while embracing some of the wonderful elements of American cuisine. By introducing the Arepa and some unique South American flavors to the Triangle market, we wish to be perceived as an alternative to the more traditional food concepts. We put forth an enormous effort to make everything you eat “in-house”, thus, avoiding the use of any processed ingredient or pre-made product. Our goal is to cook food that you will love and that is both healthy and affordable for everyone.
It is our hope that once you have tasted the variety of options that Guasaca offers, you will enjoy the flavors of authentic, fresh made food, as much as we do! We are happy for the opportunity to serve you!